Cosmicsil Products
We are desired to be an experts in the separation technology and a partner to support realization of your dream and vision.
Genome drug discovery, development of new energy, environmental chemical compounds ... There are big problems to be resolved for the existence of the mankind. Medical science, biochemistry, food, environment analysis, polymer, industrial chemistry so on ...
Separation science and technology is important and necessary to overcome these problems which will occur in the various fields. We have been kept up with various needs in the chemical analysis of customer since our establishment.From the beginning of the establishment, we have been accumulated the chromatographic technology, manufacturing and so on. We support the research and development of the customer through our technology and experience. We hope to help and to solve the problem of the customer in the analysis through our technology and information.
We have very strong team of technocrats & technical people engaged mainly into the New and molecules development. We have been engaged continuously in to custom synthesis of new molecules for various multinational companies.